Lunch Capsule Collection

Who is Chiddy Bang?

Chidera Anamege aka Chiddy Bang is a hip-hop artist originally hailing from Newark, NJ.
Spending his time in the late 2010s as frontman of a hip-hop duo by the same name, Chiddy has since embarked on a new journey as a solo artist.
“The past 10 years I spent studying the game, releasing records sporadically but more so adding to my catalog and building my network.
During the signed Chiddy Bang years, there was a lot of red tape creatively that limited the output of music.
Now as an independent artist, I’m looking forward to putting out more music and being accountable for my success, ” Chiddy says.
Chiddy has begun that with the release of new music consistently starting in 2022.
It crescendoes with the release of, Lunch, the first full-length record in over a decade.
Lunch is about staying hungry, staying motivated, and staying consistent.